Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome can cause blurry vision and affect tasks like reading or driving. Not only that, but if it is not treated on time, the condition can lead to an infection. At Atlantic Eye Care & Spa in Pompano Beach, FL, we provide eye exams to diagnose dry eye syndrome and treatment that can alleviate your symptoms. 

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Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your tear ducts don’t produce enough high-quality tears to keep your eyes lubrication. As a result, you may experience irritation, blurry vision, and light sensitivity. Our optometrist can determine the root cause of dry eye and offer treatment that will help you feel better.

Common Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

In order to keep your eyes hydrated and moist, they require a layer of tears. The moist part of your eye contains water, oil, and mucus to help prevent tears from rapidly evaporating. Along with that, the water inside your tears keeps your eyes hydrated, while the mucus spreads the tears across your eyes. Without proper balance between these two components, you can develop dry eyes.

Other factors that may put you at a higher risk include aging, dry environments, and medical conditions. For example, tear production decreases with age, which makes older adults more prone to dry eyes. Certain medications like antidepressants and blood pressure medications can reduce tear production. In addition, some diseases, such as thyroid disorders and diabetes, can also affect the tear glands.

How to Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome

There are some steps you can take to prevent dry eye syndrome. If you spend a lot of time reading tiny print off of your smartphone or laptop, you may not blink as often, which can lead to dry eyes. To reduce your symptoms, limit the time you spend on your devices and look away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes or sooner. Along with this, use a humidifier to prevent dry air and avoid wind and smoke.

How Is Dry Eye Syndrome Treated?

Artificial tears and eye ointments can provide some relief from dry eyes. If these treatments don’t offer relief, our eye doctor may recommend certain medications, such as steroids. We can also ophthalmologist can also provide punctual plugs that block tear drainage. The punctual plugs help keeps your eyes moist and you can keep them in or have them removed.

Radio frequency treatment also heats your eyelids in order to clear out clogged glands and reduce discomfort. In addition, Intense pulse light (IPL) converts light to heat to absorb oxyhemoglobin. Our optometrist may recommend any of these treatments to help ease your symptoms.

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