Specialty Contact Lenses

When it comes to vision correction, the world of contact lenses has evolved far beyond the standard offerings. Specialty contact lenses now provide people with diverse vision needs more comfortable and clearer options. Let's delve into the intriguing world of tailor-made contact lenses, looking at how they can specifically address various eye issues and suit different lifestyle needs.

specialty contact lens

Tailored to Your Eyes: The Beauty of Specialty Lenses

Unlike conventional contact lenses, specialty lenses are customized to address specific eye conditions and individual preferences. Whether you're dealing with astigmatism, presbyopia, or need multifocal lenses for your eyesight correction, these custom lens options are made to ensure the perfect fit and ultimate comfort. As your trusted Pompano Beach optometrist, Atlantic Eye Care & Spa offers a range of specialty lenses to suit your unique needs.

Astigmatism-Friendly Lenses

Astigmatism, characterized by irregularly shaped corneas or lenses, can lead to blurred or distorted vision. Contact lenses tailored for astigmatism work by correcting those quirky corneal irregularities, making your vision sharp and steady. Atlantic Eye Care & Spa, your reliable eye doctor in Pompano Beach, FL, offers astigmatism-friendly lenses to enhance your visual experience.

Seeing Clearly, No Matter the Range

Multifocal contact lenses are like magic for those wrestling with the pesky vision issues that age tends to bring. These miracle lenses merge different vision prescriptions into one—handling close-up, mid-range, and far-off sights, letting you see with crystal clarity no matter the distance. If you want top-notch guidance and custom-fit solutions as you dive into multifocal options, Atlantic Eye Care & Spa is your place.

Colored Contacts: A Splash of Personality

Specialty lenses aren't limited to vision correction alone; they also offer a touch of personal flair. Colored contact lenses at Atlantic Eye Care & Spa allow wearers to experiment with different eye hues, enhancing their natural eye color or opting for a bold, transformative look. Unleash your style with the boundless opportunities offered by colored contact lenses.

Scleral Lenses For Complex Vision Issues

If you're dealing with eye conditions like keratoconus or just have wonky corneas, scleral lenses can be your go-to for a snug fit and better sight. Scleral lenses can improve vision for people with irregular corneas by covering more of the eye. Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? Consult our experienced team at Atlantic Eye Care & Spa to explore whether scleral lenses fit your needs.

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