Vision Testing

Regular eye examinations ensure that you always have the clearest vision possible. Depending on the results of your vision test, Dr. Kalfayan may prescribe corrective glasses or contact lenses.  Dr. Kalfayan can also present and discuss refractive surgery options.  Additionally, she can provide both pre-operative and post operative refractive surgery care.

Visual Acuity Test

Once you come in for your appointment, the first portion of your exam consists of a visual acuity test. This assessment determines the severity of your vision deficit and helps our optometrist figure out the correct strength of vision correction necessary. During this part of your appointment, your optometrist has you look into a machine with different lines magnified at different powers. You inform your eye doctor about which one you can read clearly.

To test you for astigmatism, you'll need to look at two different images and identify which one appears clearer. You'll go through a series of these comparisons. Based on your results, your optometrist can determine if you have astigmatism and to what degree.

Eye Health Exam

The next part of your comprehensive eyeglass exam is an eye health screening. The tests your optometrist conduct depends upon your specific medical history, age, and current eye health problems. Your optometrist will look into your eyes using a special magnifying device. It allows our eye doctor to see the inside of your eye to look for issues, such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. 

Your eye doctor may perform an eye pressure testing using a machine that blows air into your eyes. It measures your eye's pressure, and high eye pressure can signify an issue like glaucoma. Other testing is possible as well.